Antique & Garden Show . Nashville

The Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville is an annual charity event whose purpose is to raise funds for Cheekwood and ECON, by exhibiting the highest qualtiy antiques, landscaped gardens, and horticultural items and by offering a related educational outreach program. (

Here is a peak inside some of the venders that stood out, and who won a couple prizes. 

in order:   Cheekwood's garden displaying a gown of flowers, the bees are always a hit from Trace Mayer Antiques, Scarlet Scales Antiques creates beautiful table scapes and has classic but unique antique finds, Phillipe Chadwish is a floral designer, gardner renovation and landscape consultant who came out winning the creative award for his "Living Room" garden display. Haute House put together a fun design with a etched glass waterfall, Poise & Ivy was The People's Choice and Color Palette award with their Magical Mystic Garden,  Avec Moi is a favorite booth. Bob Roethemeyer creates fun and unexpected table displays with colors, antique treasures and vintage finds that are always appealing to the eye.    more about the awards here.